Endless Clearer Cloth

With years of experience in the manufacture of industrial textiles, we have carved a niche for ourselves, offering a wide range of Endless Clearer Cloth. The offered endless felt is renowned in the market and manufactured following strict quality compliance standards. The Endless felt is manufactured using high quality raw materials adhering to industry standards, giving it superior characteristics. The product is tested on many parameters and is known for its high quality and finish.

The product is made with a high degree of precision in size. we provide customization in the sizes, with a wide variety of lengths ranging from a few mm to up to 10 feet.


  • Excellent Strength
  • Superior Quality
  • Customized Sizes
  • Self Shrinking Finish
  • Fine Finish
  • High Durability
Endless clear fabrics are used for Speedframe/Ringframe applications in machines in the textile spinning sector. The Positive clearer cloth with optimal roughness and strength has a large impact on the quality of yarn and woolen woven clearer cloths outperform other fabrics.