"We are the first generation to feel the effect of
climate change and the last generation who can
do something about it."
-Barrack Obama.

At KocharTex we walk the talk about sustainable processes. Several initiatives have been taken in our sustainability journey so far and we are committed to this cause. We have also switched to eco-friendly raw materials, dyes & chemicals and are compliant with global standards like REACH.


Usage of recycled wool yarn as our core raw material

Wool is nature’s own fibre. Its eco-friendly, sustainable, and long lasting. We take our commitment to sustainability one step further by using completely recycled wool yarn. All our fabrics are manufactured using recycled wool yarn, turning waste into fabrics that find use right from outerwear, home textiles and protective clothing among several others

Water Conservation

We have implemented a 3-pronged strategy of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse for water conservation.

State of the art machinery with reduced liquor ratio at our dyeing plant decreases the water required per kg of fabric. This has resulted in a substantial reduction in water consumption and allied process chemicals.

Instead of discharging the process effluent, it is treated in the ETP (Effluent treatment plant) through a series of biological treatments followed by physiochemical treatment to ensure parameters like COD, BOD and TDS, are well under desired levels and thus make the effluent usable for our processes.

Abhay Kochar Foundation

Adoption of Renewable sources of energy

  • Installation of Solar PV: We have Installed over 500 KW of Rooftop Solar PV which is able to meet 25% of our energy demand.
    Our aim is to reach 40% this year.

  • Zero waste, Zero Pollution: Replaced Petcoke with Biomass Pellets as fuel for our Boiler and Thermopack. It’s a perfect example of waste to energy. The fuel doesn’t release any harmful gases in the environment, and hence we exemplify zero waste, zero pollution.

1200 Equivalent Trees Planted     100t CO2 Emission Saved

We are continuously striving to reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing processes by focussing on responsible production and consumption