FR & Acoustic Wool Serge

Flame resistant properties of wool make it an ideal fiber for interiors such as carpets, curtains, upholstery, and bedding, helping to reduce the risk of fire spreading within a house or other buildings.

Our FR fabrics in wool come with different finishes like NDFR, DFR, IFR. These products can be used for both commercial and domestic use for perimeter treatment and can also be used as curtains for television and photographic studio use.

Theatrical wool fabrics that have an enhanced flame-retardant capability provide a very effective way to control and enhance the sound in any space, including arenas, rehearsal space, theaters, education venues, and live events.

Benefit of Wool based FR Fabrics: Excellent Acoustic Properties Flame & Fire Resistant Great Insulation

IFR Polyester Curtains

Inherently Fire-Retardant fabrics are made from polyester yarn. Polyester allows fabric to melt at specific speeds instead of creating a flame and or catching on fire. This material is widely used for durable camera keying curtains and backdrops for TV and broadcasting studios, recording studios, stage and theater masking curtains, live events and filming as well as budget school stage curtains among many other applications.