About Us

Over the last century, Kochartex has become a trusted manufacturer and exporter of woven woolen products, with a reputation for consistent quality and innovative design. Successfully marrying transformation in design and manufacturing with a commitment to investing in new generations of technology to build on our time-honored skills. We are proud of our historical past and looking forward to an exciting future.

Being ISO 9001:2015 Certified and following the Recycled Claims Standard (RCS) for our processes, we are an end-to-end manufacturer having capabilities across the value chain from fabric manufacturing to garments.

Manufacturing for the luxury end of the market, technologically advanced high quality products continues to be the core of our strategy, continuously seeking to invest in the leading technology in pursuit of sustainability as a key goal for the future.



Constantly striving for excellence to deliver great quality and customer delight with innovation and integrity.

Amalgamating the old with the new, we would like to march into the future through the following initiatives:

  • Investment in the latest technologies across the value chain, right from fabric manufacturing to garment creation.
  • Innovation in manufacturing processes and techniques.
  • Expansion of product lines.
  • Foray into diversified markets.
  • Develop environmentally sustainable business models.


From 2 handlooms to an end to end production capacity of 20000 meters of woven woolen fabric per day, Kochartex has evolved as a one-stop-shop solution for wool requirements catering to both domestic as well as international markets. With over 100 years of business experience, the Company has acquired a respectable name in the textile industry. Supplying quality products to some of the largest global brands like GAP, Target, Columbia Sports, Next, Vans, Tommy Hilfiger, Levis to name a few.

Abhay Kochar Foundation

Abhay Kochar Foundation

Empowering Society With Education | Employment | Entrpreneurship

We are not just about the creation of the supreme fabric; We are equally vested in delivering smiles and happiness to society. At the Kochar Abhay Foundation, we are closely involved with groups and institutions that are dedicated to creating equal opportunities, especially for disabled and underprivileged citizens around us. A major part is involved in nurturing and creating leaders for tomorrow. We do this under our entrepreneurship programs which is not only the limit for funding them; But also enabling them with people, processes, and technology during their development journey.

Here is an overview of some of our technology driven CSR Projects:

  • Project Drishti – An intelligent headgear that helps blind people get vocal suggestions about their surroundings using AI and object detection.
  • Project EduVan – A school on wheels with screens and tablets that featuring educational content in visual formats and digital representation. This mobile school helps indigent children with digital learning content.