We offer an integrated services portfolio from weaving to finishing, with the added benefits of a seamless process and control at every step of the product lifecycle. Continuously innovating to add new product lines and expand our capabilities.


Fabric Manufacturing

Starting as a Blanket manufacturer, we have built the capability to produce a wide variety of products from Woolen and the Worsted range, producing outwear / apparel fabrics to the very specialized endless industrial felts. This has been made possible by the constant upgrading of machinery as well as innovative thinking in our manufacturing processes and designs. The daily production capacity has increased over the years with the possibility of working with different variety of yarns such as wool, polywool, polyester, etc. The unit is spread over an area of ​​50000 sqft with a daily production capacity of up to 20000 meters.


Processing & finishing

Kochartex has evolved with changing times and covers an extensive area of 100,000 square feet and has a finishing capacity of 20,000 meters per day by building an in-house woolen processing unit for customer needs. Using innovative and world-class, state of art infrastructure development as its core strategy, this processing unit has been instrumental in retaining the state of Kochartex as a one-stop-shop for woven woolen fabrics.

We have the capacity to carry out numerous processes to provide various finishes to fabrics and ensure great quality.

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3 Mn+ meters

Fabric processed annually

150k sqft

production floors