Flame resistant properties of wool make it an ideal fiber for interiors such as carpets, curtains, upholstery, and bedding, helping to reduce the risk of fire spreading within a house or other buildings. Also, wool does not melt, drip, or stick to the skin when it burns. These qualities make wool suitable for fireman suits and gloves, military uniforms, trench coats, and more.

Kochartex is a pioneer in the manufacture of Flame Retardant fabric, on the pillars of strong technology background and an experienced team. With pride, we can claim to meet the customized needs of our customers.


We supply all types of Flame Resistant fabrics in wool with different finishes like NDFR, DFR, IFR. These products can be used for both commercial and domestic use for perimeter treatment. They can be used as curtains for television and photographic studio use.

Additionally, wool has an excellent sound absorption capability. Theatrical wool fabrics that have an enhanced flame retardant capability provide a very effective way to control and enhance the sound in any space, including arenas, rehearsal space, theaters, education venues, and live events.

Benefit of Wool based Products:

  • Excellent Acoustic Properties
  • Flame & Fire Resistant
  • Great Insulation

Following options are available in wool:

  • Flame Proofed Blankets (500 / 600 / 700 GSM)
  • Wool Serge
  • FR Blankets
  • Coloured & Chromakey Wool Serge
  • Superior Wool Serge – 300/500 gm
  • Heavy Wool Serge – 625 gm