We offer a wide range of blazer fabrics lending comfort, handle, and durability. This fabric has been used the world over for various purposes Such as garments, jacketing, home furnishings, throws, car seat covers, tea-cozy covers, and other home furnishing items like wall cloth, drapes, bedspreads, mats, etc. Blazer fabric is warm and helps protect from the cold. This collection is designed in a wide spectrum of colors and designs. Different types of finishes are available like printed, embossed, embroidered, quilted and many such effects can be given to the fabric depending upon the application of the product. Furthermore, our range of blazer fabrics has a soft texture, high tear strength, and durability. They are exclusively designed to cater to the unique needs of our customers in terms of colors, width, weight, designs, and lengths.

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Beige Wool Blazer
Black (Flame proof) Wool Blazer
Black 100%wool blazer
Black flame proof wool blazer
Black Wool Blazer
Black Wool Blazer
Black wool blazer
Black Wool Blazer
Black wool cashmere blazer
Blue wool blazer
Blue Wool Blazer
Bright Maroon Wool Blazer
Broad Cloth Blaze fabric
Brown wool blazer
Camel wool blazer
Camel Wool Blazer